MackenzieJim started working with me and Mackenzie in 2007, the week before I brought 14-week old Mackenzie home. Jim trained Mackenzie (and me), weekly, for five months until Mackenzie started Therapy Dog classes. I credit Jim with Mackenzie’s good manners and success as a Therapy Dog. Jim was there for us recently when I had surgery. While I was in the hospital and during my recovery, he took care of all of Mackenzie’s walks. Jim is always there for us.
Lynn M, UES Manhattan


TobieJim Moran is the best dog trainer I know, bar none. He is wise, kind, and tough, which are great attributes for training dog owners as well as dogs. I know–he trained me! Jim has a special affinity for puppies and, after two other dogs, he changed my life with his advice for how to train Tobie.
Susan B, UES Manhattan


fritsAs a first time dog owner, (Frits, a two-year-old rescue), I was delighted and relieved to be introduced to Jim Moran. He taught me everything I needed to know about collars, leashes, excess barking, jumping on strangers and all things regarding dog behavior.

Jim is clearly an expert in his field; he is kind, knowledgable, reliable and humorful and well liked by his clients, canine and human.
Katherine G, UES Manhattan


BravoI have a standard poodle, Bravo, who is now 5 years old. Jim Moran was a great help when I first brought him to New York City from the country where he had lived for his first year of life. He really needed skilled training to adjust to the noises and all the stimulation of traffic, people and other dogs. Jim is a very talented trainer with a natural ability with dogs. I could see Bravo settle down and listen to him and calm down. Jim has continued to work with him as needed. He also has helped me to understand what I need to do myself in handling Bravo. I cannot recommend Jim highly enough.
Elena M, UES Manhattan


JJWe adopted JJ from a woman in the neighborhood who did not want to keep him. JJ is very loving but he was an extremely anxious dog who had a difficult transition to life in our family. Jim taught us the importance of understanding JJ’s behavior and how to respond accordingly. Jim essentially trained us to take the lead and JJ has remained a loving part of our family. Jim’s approach is honest, firm and kind and he is always available to give sage advice (and treats). Jim has remained a warm confidant throughout the 10 years we have known him.
Andrea G, UES Manhattan


BakerWithout Jim, I can’t imagine getting through the first few months with our now 3 year old Yorkie, Baker. I would have been “cooked” because I had never trained a puppy before and was about to start a new job. Jim quickly trained Baker (and ME!) on all the basics and, most importantly, he was a great shrink, answering my endless questions and concerns.
Veronica, UWS Manhattan


Lulu22There are many good things we could say about Jim and his extraordinary dog training skills. But perhaps the best way to express our delight with his talent is the fact that we brought our new puppy, Lulu, home on a Monday, and asked Jim to meet her the very next day so that we could be certain—thanks to Jim’s knowledge, sensitivity and insights—we were starting the puppy off correctly.
Jay H, UES Manhattan


CleoJasmineMajorFentonThank goodness I met Jim. Through a series of events, I ended up with 4 dogs including 2 large rescue pit bulls. I didn’t grow up with dogs and I don’t think I have a natural ability with them. Jim is slowly teaching me how to become a real dog person. He doesn’t just tell you things. He works with you and your personality to make you the best dog person you can be.
Pam K, UES Manhattan


worldfamousduffsJim Moran has been a business associate of mine for over 10 years, and in that time he has also become a good and trusted friend. Jim built and maintains the bar’s web site. Since I am not “technologically literate” I can always count on him to explain the nuts and bolts of “code” to me in plain speak. Having Jim around is awesome, and I trust his council on a variety of subjects. When it comes down to doing business, in a city with more than it’s fair share of unreliable vendors, I always know that at least I have a rock in Jim Moran.
Jim Duff,


Don’t understand social media?
Can’t tell Facebook from Twitter?
Need expert help in setting up a blog?
Jim’s your guy!

Barbara D., NYC


Jim is always there when I have a computer problem–which unfortunately is often. He always solves it–and without making me feel like the fool that I am. I don’t know where I would be wiithout him (well, I do know. I would be computer-less and very unhappy.) He is incomparable, and I am filled with awe and gratitude.
Susan H, UES Manhattan


Jim is a lifesaver. I needed a completely new computer setup and relied on him completely to figure out what I needed, coordinate with my office IT folks, set it up and most of all, explain it to me so I know what I’m doing. He did it all and did it quickly, efficiently and perfectly. Best of all, he’s user friendly: was able to show me what I needed to know to be able to use it fully. He’s also there to help out in a pinch when something unexpected comes up when I’m working from home. And he’s a pleasure to deal with throughout. I can’t recommend him highly enough!
An Upper East Side resident